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Configurator: Style your hipster

Style a 3D character by selecting a part and choosing a color

Configurator: Style your hipster

With a color picker and a 3D model, this sample demonstrates how you can build a configurator with Animate CC.

Although real 3D is not (yet) an option for Animate CC based web projects, this cutting-edge sample demonstrates how you can use exports from Cinema 4D via Illustrator CC to animate 3D models with Animate CC. It is a good example of how creative tools work together. But the sample has more to offer: To make it even more interesting, this sample includes a color picker component and a customizer script, that allows you to modify parts of the model in real time! The customizer script works with plain two dimensional graphics as well of course, waiting for your next project, maybe... 

Key features:

  • 3D model with tracking shots
  • Reusable ‘Color Picker’ component
  • Configurator script (to customize shapes at runtime)

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